Welcome to the first kava only bar in Los Angeles

All our beverages are 100% vegan and made from all-natural ingredients, from our traditional kava with coconut milk to our brown sugar kava milk tea

hannah from kavahana standing in front of the kavahana booth at the beach in santa monica

Introducing Kava Nectar™

Kava Nectar™ is a ready-to-drink powder made from nothing but the ☀️sun-dried☀️ root juice of the kava plant grown in Hawaii & the South Pacific.

It's the best natural alternative to alcohol you can actually FEEL.

Just mix with water or your favorite beverage and enjoy 🙂

Try our kava drinks in person

We do popup events at farmers markets, night markets, and concerts in LA as we prepare for a brick and mortar location in early 2024

Stay updated on our upcoming events and come try our delicious kava in person

a bright, sunny photograph of Kavahana Kava Drinks on the beach in Santa Monica California

Experience the magic of Kava

Kava is a root tea from the Pacific Islands that promotes happiness and relaxation

Sourced straight from the Pacific Islands

We serve only the highest quality, 100% natural kava root from kava farms in the Pacific Islands

A Photograph taken in the sunny daylight of fresh Hawaiian ahvah ('awa) or kava.

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