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Discover the world of kava with Kavahana. Our articles provide a glimpse into the fascinating history, culture, and science of kava, as well as tips for preparing and enjoying this beloved drink. With a touch of creativity and a commitment to quality, we aim to share the joy of kava with everyone from the curious newbie to the seasoned connoisseur. All articles, and other content on this site are for informational purposes only and not for medical advice.


Debunking the Myths about Kava

Kava has gotten a lot of attention over the years; both good and bad. In fact, it seems that few plants have gotten as much attention and debate as kava. With a history deeply rooted in the cultures of the Pacific Islands, kava has been used for centuries for its

What does the kava plant look like?

You’ve heard us talk a lot about kava the drink, it’s earthy flavor, and the rich south pacific island cultural tradition around it. But have you ever thought about where kava actually comes from? The plant itself? Most of us think of kava as the brownish powder that is mixed

How to buy kava in stores

And drink Kava Nectar instead. When asked if they’ve tried kava before, many refer to products they can buy in a health food store or at Whole Foods. But as far as we know and within mainstream grocery stores in the United States… THIS IS NOT REAL KAVA! The kava

Kava’s Mental Health Benefits: Anxiety

Photo by Reneé Thompson on Unsplash How kava can support your anxious feelings Because of its long history of calming effects on the mind and body, researchers have been looking into kava as a treatment for mental health challenges, like anxiety and sleep disorders. In fact, kava has been used

Swapping your morning coffee with Kava Nectar

And how Kava Nectar can help We are a society that loves coffee. First thing in the morning, in the afternoon, out with friends or after dinner with dessert. In fact many of us say we are “addicted” to caffeine, and can’t get our day started without it.  But what