Kava Bars: The Social Alternative to Alcohol

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The demand for kava, a tea made from the ground root of the kava plant, has been steadily increasing over the years. Kava is popular as an alternative to alcohol and a way for people to relax away from drinking culture. Kava bars are becoming a more favored way for people to drink kava tea. 

What is kava?

kava plant roots
kava plant roots

When the ground root of the kava plant, native to the Polynesian Islands, is brewed into tea with water, it is known as kava tea. Kava tea induces feelings of happiness, relaxation, calm, euphoria, and focus. Fans of kava enjoy unwinding from the daily stresses and tensions of modern life by using an alternative to alcohol. 

People overwhelmed by exhausting life stressors or disillusioned by the culture of alcohol drinking are finding that kava presents a relaxing and social alternative to alcohol. 

How is it different from alcohol?

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Fans of kava frequently say that they enjoy the chilled and predictable effects of kava compared with alcohol. Alcohol can produce unpredictable feelings, results, and behaviors. Many people have grown weary of this part of alcohol use. Often with their own feelings and behaviors and sometimes with the behavior of others. 

Not physically addictive, kava is becoming popular with people who feel concern about their alcohol usage but still wish to unwind and socialize. Regularly drinking alcohol has many ill effects on our health, and alcoholism as a societal problem is rising. 

Does it create a hangover effect?

When kava is made with 100% natural ground root, without additives in its traditional form, it doesn’t produce unpleasant hangover symptoms. For many people, the after-effects of alcohol make them regret drinking. Hangovers can affect performance, feelings, and thinking for days after drinking. 

What is a kava bar?

A kava bar is a place that serves kava tea, either in its traditional form, which is brewed simply with water or with flavorings to make a delicious treat. 

Visiting a kava bar lets people try kava in unique and delicious flavors. Saving the effort of making kava at home, it also allows them to socialize or simply be in a relaxed and chilled environment. 

Some like to visit a kava bar with friends to spend time together in the place of a traditional bar. Other people enjoy meeting new fellow kava fans for some social time. Many prefer to drink their kava in peace and solitude at the bar.

Is a kava bar like an alcohol bar?

Kava bars often have a relaxed vibe, making them perfect places for socializing and meeting new friends. Kava bars are often open during the day and busier in the evenings as people flock to unwind and feel the happy vibes of kava tea.

Kavahana, the first kava-only bar in Los Angeles

At Kavahana, we are the first kava-only bar in Los Angeles. We serve delicious flavors of kava to long-time fans and first-time kava bar visitors. We are proud to bring this traditional way of relaxing and inducing happy feelings to stressed and overworked people in Southern California. 

Serving only 100% natural kava with no nasty additives, we source our kava from Fiji and Vanuatu. Our goal is to bring the best of kava culture to the Los Angeles area.


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