Kava: Unlock Real Social Connection with Kavahana

Kavahana at a rave in Los Angeles

Our modern lives, full of stress, overwhelm, and tight schedules, can leave us feeling like we are missing out on social time and the true connection we need from our time with others. Find out how drinking kava, the traditional Polynesian tea, can help bring the true connection back to your social time.

What is kava?

Close-up of a fresh kava leaf
A vibrant, green kava leaf showcasing its unique texture.

Kava tea, often referred to as kava, is the ground root of the kava plant, brewed into tea. It is served in its traditional form with water, or with delicious flavors for a more tasty experience. For many generations, the native peoples of the Polynesian islands have used kava as a traditional part of ceremonies, social events, and celebrations. 

It was discovered by the Western world hundreds of years ago, but only now kava is gaining popularity across the US as people discover its effects. Kava creates feelings of relaxation, happiness, euphoria, and focus without the impairments and hangovers of alcohol.

We often feel distracted when we try to socialize

Too often, we wish we were more present with our friends when we do get time to see them. Sometimes we want nothing more than to listen intently and connect and laugh like in the old days. Unfortunately, despite our needs and desires, we are simply too distracted to enjoy the true human connection we crave and need from our social time. 

In the chill atmosphere of a kava bar, with the relaxing and euphoric effects of drinking kava, we can once again embrace the social connection we need for our health.

What is a kava bar?

Like a traditional bar, a kava bar is a place for people to gather, socialize, relax, and have fun. A kava bar, which serves kava instead of alcohol, is a relaxed environment where feeling the positive effects of kava helps to increase sociability, happiness, and relaxation. 

Many people are beginning to distance themselves from traditional alcohol bars. Reasons range from the unpleasant atmosphere of unpredictable behavior or their own concerns about their drinking habits. Kava bars provide a relaxed and alcohol-free alternative, perfect for people seeking connection while avoiding alcohol.

Social anxiety is on the rise

Studies confirm what we see happening in our world. Social and general anxieties are rising and are not slowing down. So many of us wish to connect, see our friends, and share true friendships. 

Our worries and fears around socializing, how we will be seen and judged, or feeling that we might not have the mental capacity to listen can stop us keeping plans and strengthening friendships. Many people find kava’s calming, euphoric, and focused effects help them cast off doubts and truly enjoy social time without worries or distractions.

At Kavahana, we love to see connections in action

wooden bowls for kava
kava bowls

At Kavahana, the first kava-only bar in Los Angeles, we provide delicious flavors of kava tea and relaxed space for people to connect with their friends, loved ones, and fellow kava fans in Southern California. We love to see the stress melt away as people talk, connect, and listen to each other the way we were always meant to.


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