Kava: The Sweet Benefit of Focus with Kavahana

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As its popularity soars due to the feelings of relaxation, euphoria, and happiness it creates, one of the most notable benefits of kava is often overlooked. The increased focus effect kava can bring. When the mind is cleared of stress and worry, people can truly feel present while connecting, creating, and being task-focused. 

What is kava, and why is it so popular?

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Kava, a traditional tea brewed with the ground root of the kava plant, is a special drink native to the islands of Polynesia. Used for centuries during ceremonies, social events, and celebrations, the people of these islands discovered kava’s effects long ago. 

Kava contains kavalactones which interact with our brain’s receptors. This creates feelings of happiness, relaxation, and extra focus when we drink it. 

Despite its help with social skills and enhancing connection, kava does not have the health risks, hangovers, or unpredictable behavior that often come with alcohol use.

Kava bars are gaining popularity

Due to its many upsides and lack of problematic after-effects, kava is gaining popularity as an alternative to alcohol, and kava bars are becoming increasingly filled with new fans of kava looking to connect, relieve stress, and feel in the zone. 

Traditional kava has a strong earthy and peppery taste. Because of this, kava bars like Kavahana provide delicious and modern alternatives with flavors that delight taste buds. From chocolate creme flavor to matcha tea kava, there is something for all tastes and preferences. 

Kava and focus

Whether your focus is a deep conversation with your friend, reading, working on a creative project, or simply processing your thoughts and planning your future, the focus of kava helps many people. 

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By quieting the mind of worries, fears, and unhelpful self-talk, we free up so much space to focus on what matters to us at the moment. This kind of focus lets us make the progress we really want and allows us to feel truly present in the moment. This healthy focus deepens our connections, learning, and relationship with ourselves. 

Have lingering projects but can’t push through the procrastination, boredom, self-sabotage, or worried thoughts? Kava can bring feelings of focus that allow your creativity to shine. 

At Kavahana, we delight in your joy

At Kavahana, the first kava-only bar in Los Angeles, we love bringing kava to overworked and overwhelmed people in Southern California. Along with enjoying our delicious and unique kava tea flavors, our visitors express joy at the many different effects they feel with kava. 

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For many, the feeling they value the most is their enhanced focus. 

Kava is a truly versatile safe alternative to alcohol that has centuries of tradition and social culture behind it. Its properties for enhancing focus were discovered generations ago, and are only now being felt across the entire world. 


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