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Debunking the Myths about Kava

Kava has gotten a lot of attention over the years; both good and bad. In fact, it seems that few plants have gotten as much attention and debate as kava. With a history deeply rooted in the cultures of the Pacific Islands, kava has been used for centuries for its relaxation and stress reducing effects. However, as it’s gained popularity in North America and Europe, a cloud of misconceptions and

What does the kava plant look like?

You’ve heard us talk a lot about kava the drink, it’s earthy flavor, and the rich south pacific island cultural tradition around it. But have you ever thought about where kava actually comes from? The plant itself? Most of us think of kava as the brownish powder that is mixed with water to create the relaxing, social beverage that we’ve come to love. But it doesn’t start out that way.

The best ways to drink kava: tips and tricks to a great experience

Photo by dominik hofbauer on Unsplash Here at Kavahana, we want everyone to love kava as much as we do. But we know that involves building trust and helping you have a great experience from the start. To do that, we created a list of our top tips and tricks to keep in mind when you are beginning your kava journey. Drink kava on an empty stomach When your stomach

How to buy kava in stores

And drink Kava Nectar instead. When asked if they’ve tried kava before, many refer to products they can buy in a health food store or at Whole Foods. But as far as we know and within mainstream grocery stores in the United States… THIS IS NOT REAL KAVA! The kava you find in pill or other liquid form are highly processed. They often contain added ingredients that can interfere with

Kava’s Mental Health Benefits: Anxiety

Photo by Reneé Thompson on Unsplash How kava can support your anxious feelings Because of its long history of calming effects on the mind and body, researchers have been looking into kava as a treatment for mental health challenges, like anxiety and sleep disorders. In fact, kava has been used in more than a dozen clinical trials to compare kava’s effects to a placebo, or sugar pill.   Recently, it’s been

Swapping your morning coffee with Kava Nectar

And how Kava Nectar can help We are a society that loves coffee. First thing in the morning, in the afternoon, out with friends or after dinner with dessert. In fact many of us say we are “addicted” to caffeine, and can’t get our day started without it.  But what is it about coffee that we love so much? Its earthy taste? Cozying up with a steaming cup on a

Cymbiotika hosts Kavahana at their annual private event!

Hey, L.A.!  Something exciting happened for us recently. We were invited to Cymbiotika’s annual private event! This was a huge deal for us. If you haven’t hear them, Cymbiotika is a supplement company that is focused on healthy living and boosting your well being. They believe food is the best medicine, and they are trying to disrupt the supplement industry by being completely transparent about the contents of their products.

Kava in sport: How using this pacific island drink may enhance your athletic performance

Photo by Dave Adamson on Unsplash Calling all Athletes! If you’re into sports of even just trying to stay active, you’re likely always looking for ways to help support your health and performance. Electrolyte drinks and other supplements can both help your body recover and support your energy. Many athletes prefer natural approaches to recovery as they tend to have fewer side effects, and kava is emerging as such a

Introducing- Kava Nectar!

Hey there! We here at Kavahana have been kava lovers for a long time. We love the culture and tradition behind our wonderful drink and the benefits it can have to our health and wellbeing. This is why we created Kava Nectar. Kava has been used for over 3000 years in the South Pacific Islands for relaxation, social events, traditional ceremonies and health benefits. It’s gained popularity in North America

What is Kava Anyways?

Why trying Kava Nectar is a great introduction to drinking kava So you’ve started to hear the word “kava” floating around. Maybe your friends have tried it. Or perhaps some of your colleagues have started using it at work. It sounds interesting… a drink that helps you relax like alcohol without the hangover? Sounds great. But what is it, exactly? Kava is a drink that comes from the islands in


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